The following video will tell you about your pearl and also how to care for it.

Did you know that pearls are the only gemstone that are not mined, or cut. They are the only gemstone produced from a living creature. We like to refer to them as LIVING GEMS.

Pearl Farm in the Pacific Ocean

A Spat - Or Baby Oyster

These are the size of the oysters when they arrive at the pearl farm.

Culturing Pearls is not an easy job, but REWARDING!

Did you know that Pacific Oysters are sequential hermaphrodite? They change back and forth from male to female as they grow.


Akoya Pearls. Akoya pearls are a saltwater grown pearl.

In general, saltwater pearls are much higher in quality than freshwater. Akoya pearls are nearly perfectly round, and have a beautiful luster.

Akoya pearls are known as "the classic pearl", because they are perfect for using for jewelry because of their luster and nearly perfectly round shape.

The white, pink, and purple pearls are all 3 natural colors, and are not dyed. The black pearl and the blue island pearl do have colors added to them.