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These are the items in the Live Box, and the items it includes the necklaces in the Treasure Hunt package.
Product SKU Price Quantity
Island Pearl Natural Assortment (NO BLUE PEARLS) Island Pearl Natural Assortment (NO BLUE PEARLS)

PEARL1NB $19.99
LUAU Pearl Oyster - Oysters with Colored Pearls LUAU Pearl Oyster - Oysters with Colored Pearls

Island Pearl Oyster Island Pearl Oyster

PEARL1 $19.99
Keepsake Large Drop Pendant Keepsake Large Drop Pendant

Keepsake Turtle Pendant Keepsake Turtle Pendant

Keepsake Lotus Pendant Keepsake Lotus Pendant

KEEP-LOTUS1 $19.99
Keepsake Twisted Locket Pendant Keepsake Twisted Locket Pendant

KEEP-TWIST1 $19.99
Keepsake Butterfly Heart Pendant Keepsake Butterfly Heart Pendant

Keepsake Cubic Pendant Keepsake Cubic Pendant

KEEP-CUBIC1 $19.99
Keepsake Simple Pendant Keepsake Simple Pendant

Keepsake Butterfly 3 Pendant Keepsake Butterfly 3 Pendant

Keepsake Princess Carriage Pendant Keepsake Princess Carriage Pendant

Keepsake Key Pendant Keepsake Key Pendant

KEEP-KEY1 $19.99
Keepsake Box Pendant Keepsake Box Pendant

KEEP-BOX1 $19.99
Keepsake Dragon Pendant Keepsake Dragon Pendant

Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant

SS-SPIRAL1 $49.99
Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant

SS-LOTUS1 $49.99
Sterling Silver Turtle Pendant Sterling Silver Turtle Pendant

SS-TURTLE1 $49.99
Sterling Silver Flower Pendant Sterling Silver Flower Pendant

SS-FLOWER1 $49.99
Gold Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant Gold Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant

Keepsake Tail Pendant Keepsake Tail Pendant

KEEP-TAIL1 $19.99
PREMIUM Pearl Oyster PREMIUM Pearl Oyster