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Saint Patrick's Day Collection

Saint Patrick's Day Collection

    14MM Turtle Keepsake Necklace 14MM Elegant LG Drop Keepsake Necklace 14MM Bloom Keepsake Necklace

    14MM Keepsake Necklace Collection

    14MM Keepsake Necklaces

    LUAU Pearl Countertop Display

    Just takes up a tiny bit of countertop space to offer a fun exciting product.

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    The Ultimate Pearl Showcase

    Featuring the Island Pearl Assortment and the LUAU Pearl Assortment, this program provides you with an impactful pearl showcase.

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    DIY Pearl Discovery Experience Display

    Featuring the take home DIY Pearl Experience Necklaces,

    DIY Collection

    Island Pearl Assortment

    Island Pearl Assortment

    LUAU Pearls - AKA Colored Pearls

    LUAU Pearls